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How To Refresh Discord ? A Complete Beginners Guide. 

One of the most well-known online communication platforms for social groups, particularly gamers, is called Discord. Discord is capable of much more than just text and voice message communication. It has many fantastic features that are perfect for gaming, like voice channels, custom servers, and various customization and integration options. Discord may be a fantastic place to be online, whether it’s for networking or enjoyment. Discord will have more than 150 million monthly active users. Naturally, this can cause the platform to experience hiccups or issues. Discord works nicely with both mobile and desktop interfaces. Here’s how to refresh Discord. 

When do you need to refresh Discord? 

A chat app called Discord was made available on May 13, 2015, for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, and web browsers. Users of this program can have audio, video, and text conversations with their friends and coworkers. Among gamers, it is quite well-liked. On the other hand, users of the Discord app can run into issues. Most of these may be resolved by just reloading the app, but some necessitate additional debugging. The following list of issues that users frequently run into:

  • Their server’s channel abruptly stalls, and the microphone stops functioning.
  • Your friend’s status is not automatically updated.
  • Your friend sends you Discord messages, but you cannot read them.

Try refreshing Discord to see if it fixes any issues that bother you. You may be curious about how to update the Discord client. Here we will be sharing how to refresh Discord on your Pc and MacBook. 

How to refresh Discord?

The mechanical keyboard makes it simple to update Discord. To refresh the platform, use the Discord hotkey (CTRL + R). The application will entirely refresh once you press CTRL + R, after which it will briefly go black. When the app is prepared for use, your screen will appear normal. If you’d rather utilize the browser app, you can restart Discord by quitting your current browser and starting a fresh one. When finished, open the browser again and press CTRL + SHIFT + T to reopen all previously closed tabs. The closed tabs, including Discord, will reopen as a result. 

Test the browser once more to check if the problems have been fixed. You can close the Discord tab if you don’t want to interrupt any other tabs you are working on. You will need to quit the program using Task Manager and restart it if you notice that the Discord tab on your browser has frozen.

refresh discort

How to refresh Discord on Computer PC

It is best to restart Discord if you encounter any of the abovementioned problems. The following steps will show you how to restart Discord on Windows:

Exit Discord from the Taskbar

  • Right-click on the Discord icon in your taskbar after searching for it.
  • Select “Close window” from the menu that displays.
  • Browse the list of hidden icons on your desktop once that is finished.
  • Find the Discord symbol once more in the list and right-click it. ‘Quit Discord’ can be selected from the new menu.
  • You can now totally close the software and reopen it whenever you want.

Utilize Task Manager to restart the Discord application.

This is yet another easy-to-use method for restarting Discord and eliminating problematic issues.

  • The Task Manager can be accessed directly or by the Windows keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.
  • Make sure you expand the Task Manager window for a complete view of all the choices.
  • The “Apps” and “Background processes” sub-tabs are visible when you move the pointer to the “Processes” tab.
  • Select “Discord” from the list of Apps, then click “End task.”
  • After that, please scroll down to identify all of the Discord files that are now open and shut them all off.

When you do this, Discord will be closed on your computer. You can reopen it whenever you like by right-clicking on the icon. Then, select “Run as administrator” so the programme runs smoothly.

Clearing local app data and app cache in Windows.

It resets Discord using this technique. Clearing data is the best solution if Discord keeps crashing on your smartphone or fails to recognize your microphone.

  • Press the Windows + R key.
  • Enter the following: %appdata%.
  • The Windows roaming folder can now be seen. Find and delete the “Discord” folder if you see one. Pressing SHIFT + DEL will allow you to remove it.
  • Press WINDOWS + R again and type %localappdata% before hitting the enter key to repeat the process.
  • The data for Discord’s local Windows app will be made available in this phase. For a deletion, press SHIFT+DEL.

You can resume Discord now that all the data has been completely removed.

How to Refresh Discord on a Mac

The fact that Discord works with so many different gadgets is one of the main factors contributing to its large user base. You may quickly connect with your friends and other gamers, regardless of the programme you use. The restarting procedure on Mack can also be completed effectively in a few easy steps. To restart Discord on a Mac, refer to the instructions below:

Press COMMAND + R to reload Discord on a Mac. It’s also simple to restart Discord on a Mac. the steps below:

  1. Look for the Discord symbol that is pinned to the dock.
  2. The options menu can be accessed by performing a two-finger click on the Discord icon.
  3. Choose “Quit Discord” from the selection.

You can now close the application on Mac and reopen it whenever you like.

If restarting Discord doesn’t work, what should you do?

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, and web browsers are all supported by Discord. Discord servers can occasionally go down despite having more than 350 million registered users. In these circumstances, you might attempt to access the programme by switching to the web browser.

You can also delete and reinstall the app on your computer or smartphone. This helps Discord work more smoothly by clearing the cache on your device. You can always contact Discord’s support staff as a last option.


How to refresh Discord? Discord is a useful program for gamers who wish to connect with their friends or team members while playing games via voice, text, or video calls; if your discord app isn’t functioning properly, is behaving unresponsive, or has other issues, refreshing the app may fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to refresh Discord on a smartphone? 

Even though Discord is completely compatible with mobile devices, no option lets users restart or reload Discord. Shut off the app on your smartphone, then reopen it after a brief period. 

Why isn’t my Discord updating?

Disable your antivirus programme for a while. Temporarily disable your firewall. Modify the Discord update file’s name. Update Discord.

How can my server be refreshed?

Windows. Tap Ctrl+F5. By hitting Ctrl+F5, most browsers will require the webpage to load from the server rather than the cache. The “Cache-Control: no-cache” directive is sent to the server by Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

How do I restart my frozen Discord?

Discord is a platform for text and audio chats online. Various factors can cause it to freeze or lag occasionally. You should restart the programme as a first step towards resolving this problem. Go to User Settings > Voice & Video > Reset Voice Settings to attempt resetting the voice settings if that doesn’t work.



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